When you're ready

When you're ready!


Did you...

Then you're go to go!

Activate your website

To make your website available to everyone, click on Events in the left menu and click on your event in the list. You'll obtain this:

When your website is ready, check the Website is ready checkbox and save your page. Tada: your website is now online!

Remember that you don't need to make it "live" to test your website: as an administrator of your website, you'll always be able to access it.

Order a Workshop box

To help you reduce the cost of your event, we created a Workshop box full of stickers, name tags, badges and balloons. To order it, go to our store.

If your event is taking place in a developing country or if you tried but can't find sponsors for your event, you'll be able to apply for a free box. Here are the requirements to be able to apply for a free box:

  • You need to have a venue for your workshop
  • Application process for your event needs to already be open
  • You need to order it at least 6 weeks before workshop to allow for shipping time

When you meet all those requirements, send us an email.

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