Example schedule

For the big day, we really recommend you to let the different groups go at their own pace. Don't forget that attendees are new learners: some will be quick, some will want to spend more time on a chapter, etc. By doing so, you'll be sure they have an awesome day ;)

The week before the event

Meet your coaches (do dinner together or an online meetup). Make sure they're familiar with the Tutorial and Coaches Manual. Get to know everyone and make sure they know each other, too. Exchange ideas and advice.

If you can't do the Installation Party in person, make sure that coaches contact their group to organize an online party following these instructions

Friday evening - Installation Party!

5pm Meet your attendees and coaches. Give them 30 minutes to get to know each other and talk.

5.30pm Installation starts! Make sure everyone has Python, Pip, Virtualenv and Django installed on their computers. Instructions here!

8pm Invite everyone for a little pre-party to a cafe nearby.

Saturday - big day!

8.30am Doors open/log in to conferencing software, breakfast is served (in-person only), early registration starts.

9am Welcome everyone, do a short presentation explaining what we're going to do today and what the schedule looks like. Make sure they know they're awesome - the impostor syndrome is strong and you need to break the ice and reassure them they can do it.

9.30am The workshop starts! Teams and coaches should now get to work in groups and follow the tutorial.

12.30pm Time for lunch :) Do a one-hour break. You can also fit some talks by sponsors / invited speakers here. Make sure they're inspiring!

1.30pm Back to the workshop.

6pm Official ending. Again: thank sponsors, coaches and attendees. Make sure they feel awesome. Tell them what they can do next and invite everyone to go for a drink or soda in someplace if you're workshop is in-person.

6.30pm Wrap-up.

We intentionally don't do too many breaks during the workshop session but make sure teams know that they can take a break whenever they want. People don't like stopping their work in the middle, so it's best if a team can decide when they want to take a break. If your workshop is in-person, make sure there is a place in the venue (or outside) where they can talk, laugh and be loud :). It is also a good idea to do a little activity like a game with everyone either before the workshop starts or during lunch to give people the opportunity to get to know each other. People will be working in their groups for most of the day, try to encourage them to get to know other attendees and coaches as well.

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