Costs for remote workshops are a little different, as most of the suggestions below are optional, and the workshop could be held with no funding at all. However, you may find that you need to provide support to some attendees in order for them to participate. Below are some ideas of things you may want to look into covering the costs for.

  • Equipment - you may be able to rent or puchase laptops, web cams, microphones, or wifi dongles for attendees who do not have access to the technical equipment required to participate. Alternatively, a company may wish to lend you some equipment for attendees to use. If possible, have the attendees arrange the hire of equipment the themselves, and you can re-imburse them the cost. This ensures the liability remains with the attendee if the equipment is damaged or not returned.

  • Lunch - most food delivery companies provide gift voucher codes that can be purchased. You might like to purchase vouchers for 10-25โ‚ฌ per person so attendees can order themselves lunch to be delivered to their home (or wherever they are participating from). You can add a time to the schedule for teams to decide what they would like to order and where from, to ensure everyone's food arrives at the same time.

  • Coach gift - Thank your coaches for their hard work in a way that doesn't require them to be in the same physical location by giving them all a gift voucher (somewhere like Amazon is usually a good choice). Around 20 Euro per coach = 200โ‚ฌ.

  • Childcare expenses - It can be difficult for some attendees to focus on learning at home if they have other commitments, such as children to look after. Offering to cover childcare costs for the day (nursery fees, or baby sitter) can ensure that your participants get the most out of your workshop.

  • Swag - You might consider sending swag in the post to attendees ahead of the workshop. This would mean that you will need to collect mailing addresses, so you will need to check the Data Privacy Laws in your country and ensure you abide by them. Make sure you explain to attendees why you need their address, and that it will not be shared with anyone else.

  • Software - There are a lot of free conferencing software options, but you might find a paid option that works better for you. It's always worth contacting the software company to see if they would like to support you with a temporary free licence!

In the next chapter, let's learn how you can cover these costs!

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