Cupcakes are one of the things that are present on many Django Girls workshops, but it doesn’t mean you have to have them or spend a fortune to have the fanciest ones. If you want to have some treats for participants and do that on budget, you could:

  • Prepare cookies yourself or ask your friends for help.
  • If you know a friendly bakery who might be interested in sponsoring some sweets - it’s worth to ask them if they would like to be one of the sponsors.
  • You could try to find sponsors just for that - if the company would like to be more visible, they could order cupcakes with their logo or little flags with the name of their company.
  • You could skip cupcakes and prepare some veggies and fruits instead. Just buy a bunch of apples, pears or any seasonal tasty fruits that are easy to eat and place them on each table. You could also prepare carrots - it’s a lovely and healthy snack. This is also an amazing and easy option for people with special dietary requirements.

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