Remote Workshops

Remote Workshops

A remote workshop is a workshop conducted online, where participants, coaches and organisers are in different physical locations.

This type of workshop may be more suitable in situations where it might not be safe, affordable, or logistically possible to host a workshop in-person. Remote workshops also allow for more flexibility with the location of your attendees and coaches.

While we still encourage you to hold workshops in the area local to you (so you will have a better idea of any potential barriers your attendees might face, which local companies may sponsor you, and where and how to best advertise the workshop) it does mean that you can consider allowing attendees and coaches from further afield to join. This could provice opportunities for attendees who live in more remote areas and who may not otherwise be able to travel, to attend a workshop for the first time. While we encourage you to accept applications from people who live in remote areas in the region of your workshop, you may also find that you receive applications from people further away, and possibly not even in the same country. You are welcome to accept applications from anyone you feel you can accomodate (as long as time zones and languages are not an issue) but we ask that you prioritise applicants in your local area.

Remote workshops will also allow you to use experienced coaches from other parts of the country if you do not have access to enough local volunteers, this can be especially helpful if you are new to organising or have a new coaching team, as having the expertise of someone who has coached previously will add valuable knowledge to your coaching team. It can also allow you to organise workshops for larger numbers of attendees than you would otherwise have been able to accomodate, however, we advise that you keep numbers below 30 (total, including attendees and coaches) if this is your first time organising a remote event.

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