Cloud Development vs Local Installation

For a while, one of the major issues we have got as feedback from organizers after the workshop was that the tutorial was too long and could be shortened if the participants do not have to go through the installation bit. One of the events, gave us feedback that they made participants do cloud development and it greatly improved the participants' experience. The attendees were able to move forward with the workshop faster as they skipped the installation.

We have come up with a solution to help standardise cloud development for workshops who do want to skip the installation steps and jump right into the coding bits of the tutorial through a partnership with You can use the RunCode Cloud Development for your workshop.

Note: You need to have stable internet for this setup. If you can't provide participants with stable internet, then it may be better to do the local installation.

If you do take this route, try to practice using the platform by following the tutorial using the RunCode platform to familiarize yourself with the platform. If you need help using RunCode within the workshop, please ask for help from the developers by reaching out to and, and they will do a demo for you, help you out with free credits or any support required.

The participants can always do the installation as homework later.

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