Nothing is better than beautiful photos made during the workshop. But having a professional photographer is a costy thing and very often you don’t have a budget for it. Our tip is to ask around - does any of your friends have a camera and like to make pictures?

You could also arrange your own photo booth, instead of having a professional one. All you need is a person with a camera (and ideally tripod), nice background (could be piece of cloth or paper or just a wall if there is nothing on it), good light (place it near window for example). Then you could make some props on your own with piece of paper. You could browse internet and find loads of free printables. You could order props online quite cheaply.

Don't forget to ask attendees and coaches if they want their picture taken. If you can, create two badges: one for those who want to be in the pictures, one for those who don't.

If you take pictures during your event, let us know: we will help you upload them in our Flickr account.

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