Administrating your event website

We have built a simple Django application that allows you to create your events website in a really simple way. You don't have to know how to code to change it but a little knowledge about HTML and CSS will be helpful :).

Your website will be created after you filled a request for organizing an event and confirmed you read this manual ;) Don't forget to give us the name and email address of the other members of your team if you have any.

All your team will receive an access to the Django Admin panel. It looks like this:

On the left menu, you will find everything you need to administrate your website but also links to the organizers manual, Slack and Google Group.

Even if you're familiar with Django admin interface, we strongly recommend you to read this chapter.

What should I do if something isn't working?

First, you can look at our FAQ to see if your question isn't already answered there. If not, try to contact other organizers on Slack: they'll be happy to help you! If after doing that you're still stuck, contact the Support Team.

Table of content for this chapter:

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