Before you decide on a venue, try to do a walkthrough to determine which parts of the venue you'll be using, based on the accessibility. Find out what accommodations, if any, the venue provides. It might take some pressure off you, and will also give you an idea of what is not available.

  • Are there any rooms you can use as quiet/lactation rooms? Quiet rooms should be quiet and calm so that folks can use them to escape the noise and bright lights, and

    also comfortably use them for pumping breast milk.

  • How compliant is your venue with the Americans with Disabilities Act, or similar laws in your country? Is it braille and signage compliant? Are there accessible routes to all parts of the venue?

  • What is the temperature differential between outside and inside? Does it tend to be chilly or warm? If you know this, you can warn people to bring a sweater (or not wear heavy clothes).
  • Is the floor carpeted? Is the carpet firm? How easy would it be to move a wheelchair or walker across the floor?
  • If the floor isn't carpeted, is it slippery?
  • Is the venue noisy or echo-y? If your venue is a hotel, will there be music in the lobby? Will your attendees be able to work in quiet?
  • Are service animals welcome? Are there grassy areas for them?
  • What do the entrances look like? Is the main entrance wheelchair accessible?
  • Are there ramps with handrails?
  • Are the restrooms accessible? Do they have grab bars and lowered sinks? Are there gender-neutral restrooms that are trans-inclusive?
  • Is there accessible parking?
  • Is there adequate lighting for your attendees to work?
  • Is the venue allergy-free and scent-free? Consider creating a scent policy and asking attendees to not wear perfume to the event, for folks who have allergies, asthma, or are prone to migraines.

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