Pictures and video

This is really nice to have, and sometimes you can get this kind of service for free if you have friends/friendly local people who want to support your initiative. Your venue might have a marketing department that could donate the time of their in-house photographer, so be sure to ask! It's a great memory to have some nice, professional photos or a video from the event. It also helps to use it as marketing material for your next event, plus you have something to show to the sponsors!

Don't forget to ask attendees and coaches if they want their picture taken. If you can, create two badges: one for those who want to be in the pictures, one for those who don't.

If you have resources (money/people), then totally do it. It's worth it!

You can also add your event's photos to our Django Girls albums: to do that, send us an email. Make sure to provide us with information about a licence of the photo - will anyone else be able to use them? For example, other Django Girls organizers? If the photos/video can be used - on what terms?

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