Technical requirements

When hosting a remote workshop it is important to ensure your attendees have suitable equipment to be able to participate fully. In addition to needing a laptop or desktop computer, you will also need to ensure attendees and coaches have access to a stable internet connection, and if possible a webcam.

We understand that access to web cams might not be possible for everyone, but ecourage you to ensure organisers and coaches are able to use these at a minimum. Being able to see people's faces communicates confidence, and shows you are prepared for the workshop ahead. It also helps to capture non-verbal cues which are an important part of communication, and shows that coaches and organisers are engaged with the workshop and the attendees at all time. It will help coaches stay focused on the workshop, rather than risking people zoning out, or multi-tasking (reading emails, working on other projects) which can reduce the experience for attendees. Coaches shouls also try to look at the camera when speaking to attendees, even if their video is turned off or unavailable, making virtual eye contact shows that you care.

Overall, having face-to-face interaction makes people feel more connected, and it is the best way to keep the Django Girls spirit alive in remote workshops!

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