This is only if you have the budget.

Copyrighted materials

If you found an awesome design (picture, font, drawing, etc) you would love to use during your event, don't forget to check the license! Only use open source materials or pay for the license. If you can't find the license of something, please don't use it.

Temporary tattoos!

This is so far the most fun and most affordable way to do something nice at your event. You only need to buy Temporary Tattoo Paper, print our ready-to-go designs on your home printer, cut them out and you're good to go! You can get a lot of tattoos for just a couple of bucks.

T-shirts for coaches

Order t-shirts for your coaches as a thank-you gift, but wearing the t-shirts also makes your coaches more visible in the venue. You can find t-shirt designs on our resources page.

Tote bags

We like tote bags, right? They are pretty cheap to print and it's a nice gift for your attendees that will remind them about the event later on. You can find designs on our resources page


Pssst, Stickermule likes to sponsor events with sticker credit! You can find our ready-to-print designs here.

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