DIY: how to make a workshop beautiful on a budget

We strive to make each Django Girls event a one of the kind experience. If you look at the pictures from the past workshops you'll notice amazing decorations, photo booths, flowers, cupcakes and many other exciting things. This one of the things that makes Django Girls unique, fun and exciting and we love it.

However, we don’t want you to have an impression that to make a successful Django Girls event you have to have all these things and buy decorations, flowers, make videos and so on. Yes, we believe they make Django Girls different and special, but we also don’t want you to spend loads of money on things that are expensive and not necessary.

This chapter will give you some tips and examples, how - with a little of DIY and good ideas and hacks - you could create something magical with very little money.

Copyrighted materials

If you found an awesome design (picture, font, drawing, etc) you would love to use during your event, don't forget to check the license! Only use open source materials or pay for the license. If you can't find the license of something, please don't use it.


If one of the workshops had these beautiful fairy lights, maybe they would be happy to send them to you, so you could reuse them for your workshop? There are a number of workshops that shared decorations, stickers and swag. Maybe a workshop had some β€œDjango Girls” bags leftovers and you don’t have a budget to print yours? Just ask at mailing list or on Slack channel for organizers!

To create an amazing atmosphere, you don’t need tons of money. With a little bit of effort and help of your friends, you could create something amazing on a very tight budget. Make sure to share your ideas with other organizers, too.

Table of content for this chapter:

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