The costs below are estimated for 30 participants and 10 coaches - but they may vary a lot. Prices may also vary depending on the location. All in all you should be able to organize an event easily for a little over one thousand Euros.

  • Breakfast - nothing too fancy. Buy local pastries on the way to the venue and arrange coffee. Around 5 Euro per person = 200€.

  • Lunch - catered lunch can be around 10 Euro + some water and coffee for 3 Euro = 550€.

  • Prints - Printing stickers, posters or tote bags and other swag. This may vary a lot, but it's usually good to set aside 200€. Don't forget that you can order a Workshop Box for 50$ or less by contacting us at least 6 weeks before your event: it contains stickers, nametags and balloons.

  • Coach dinner - Thank your coaches for their hard work and have a place to meet to talk about the event. Around 20 Euro per coach = 200€.

  • Venue - From our experience, it is easy to get a place for 40 people for free. Try your local startups, companies or hackerspaces and coworking spaces. It can be really expensive, so any help from the local community is super helpful. 0€.

  • Afterparty - Meet with your coaches and attendees after the workshop to relax, decompress, have some fun and make some friends. Everyone can pay for their own drinks. 0€

  • Travel expenses - If you don’t have any Django Girls members in your country, consider inviting us over. We can stay in cheap hostels or on your couch :) 0€ - XXX€

Total: 1150€

In the next chapter, let's learn how you can cover these costs!

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