After event TO DO list

Thank everyone

Sending a little thank you note to your attendees, coaches and sponsors is important. Remember also to treat yourself with something you like to relax and decompress -- you did an amazing job! You could also send evaluation forms to the attendees and coaches in order to find out how people liked the workshop and what you can improve next time.

Make sure to reach out to your event's sponsors, tell them about how it went and thank them once again. It is very important to let them know how their money was spent and there is no better way than writing how awesome the workshop they sponsored was.

Sometimes, attendees ask for a certificate of completion: we're not a formal training program with examinations so you can't deliver official certificates. However, you can give cute souvenir certificates to attendees and coaches.

If you want, you can send people a Happiness Packet :)

Inform participants where they can look for help

The goal of Django Girls is to shape future software developers, so we shouldn't leave them alone after the event. Let them know about other possibilities to learn you know of:

  • Invite them to our Gitter chat
  • Give them a list of local events and meetups
  • Create a Facebook group for your attendees and coaches. This is a good way to share learning resources, provide help and for people to keep in touch.
  • Maybe even organize a follow up meeting to meet for a coffee? :) If possible already announce the date of the follow up event at the workshop so people can get excited about the next meeting.
  • Webucator, a global sponsor of Django Girls, has made its library of self-paced courses free for participants who complete a Django Girls workshop. Contact Webucator at to arrange for a coupon code, which you can give to workshop participants. Participants will be able to use the coupon to register for any of Webucator self-paced courses. Click the Free Classes for Django Girls button on for information on registering.

Evaluation form for participants and coaches

It is important to get feedback from attendees and coaches after the workshop. What worked? What did not? What we can improve? These questions are very important and it is great to know answers before organizing the second edition, right :)?

Make sure the forms are anonymous. Please note that if you ask for their coaches name, the form is not so anonymous anymore.

Tell people about our "Your Django Story" interview series

Please invite people to read the interviews on the Django Girls Blog and also encourage people to share their own stories, whether they started working as a programmer professionally or started building little side projects at home using Django after attending the workshop. All they have to do is to ping us at We want to keep the interview series going for a long time and we would love to read more stories of Django Girls alumni.

Invite your participants to our global Django Girls mailing list

We want to build a global community of women who help each other, empower each other and support each other in learning how to code. Consider inviting all of your participants and coaches to our Django Girls mailing list. Let us know and we will give you permissions to manage the group so you can invite them via Google Group.

Send remaining funds to Django Girls

If you have any remaining funds from your sponsors, you can use the one time donation box on the donation page to send money to Django Girls Foundation. It will help us fund more Workshop Boxes for other events that can't afford them.

Let us know how it went!

After your event is done, we will contact you to thank you and to hear about your experience. If we don't do it, you can send us an email with answers to those questions:

  1. Number of attendees
  2. Number of applicants
  3. What was the most important thing you discovered during the workshop?
  4. How can we make Django Girls better?
  5. What was the cost of your event and were you able to cover the cost of the event by finding sponsors?
  6. Anything else you want to share with us?

Thanks a lot <3

Share what you learn in the Django Girls Organizers group

If you want to, you can also share everything with the Django Girls Organizer group you already have access to. We're sure that other organizers will appreciate it to!

Consider writing a blog post

Share with the world how awesome it was! Consider following Warsaw and KrakΓ³w describing your whole event on our blog. It's a nice way to say thank you to everyone, re-live memories and show your event to the world. If you're planning on organizing another Django Girls event in the future, this will also help you to attract sponsors -- you can just send them a link to convince them that Django Girls in your city is awesome!

You can submit your blog post here. We will review it and contact you soon :)

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