All of our resources are available here:

Inside you can find:

  • Logo in different versions
  • Posters
  • Stickers
  • T-shirt (send an email to the support team to get access to "this is what a programmer looks like" design)
  • Bag
  • Presentation for sponsors
  • Presentation for media/community promotion
  • Presentation for opening the Django Girls workshop
  • Presentation for closing the Django Girls workshop
  • Tattoos
  • Email and tweet templates
  • Cheatsheets for Django, Python, HTML and Git

Feel free to fork, contribute with your own resources and make a pull request! <3

Copyrighted materials

If you found an awesome design (picture, font, drawing, etc) you would love to use during your event, don't forget to check the license! Only use open source materials or pay for the license. If you can't find the license of something, please don't use it.


Check our Flickr account for photos from previous Django Girls events. If you want to use them, please be careful; check the license of each photo and make sure you may use them.

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