You don’t always have enough money to order T-Shirts with β€œDjango Girls” print for every participant. We have some tips how to prepare something nice for each participant and coach and not spend a fortune on that.

  • In general, ordering bags will be much cheaper than ordering T-shirts. If you don’t have enough money for t-shirt, but you have some funds - it’s much cheaper version. However, very often the cheapest bags could shrink in laundry, so you should check the quality of the bags before ordering 50 of them. Designs are available in our Github repository.
  • If bags are too expensive, you could prepare small packets for participants. Buy a pack of brown paper or white paper breakfast bags, which should be very, very cheap and put a handful of candies and stickers from sponsors inside. You could also put other small things: confetti (you could make some on your own with a small punch hole cutter!), a handwritten notes with β€œThank you for coming!” or anything else you could think of. Tie with a ribbon or use sticker to close the bag. It will look lovely!

Remember: it’s not about having the most expensive and most impressive gifts for everyone. It’s about showing people - attendees and coaches - that you care. Just to make it personal.

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