The goal of Django Girls is not only to teach people about programming but to also do it in a friendly and positive environment.

Django Girls events are inclusive, friendly and safe environments. Girls, women, ladies, gals and even men are allowed in. More than semantics we’re interested in a mindset.

Positive atmosphere

Django Girls events are welcoming for everyone. We want to spend a great day surrounded by fantastic people and have lots of fun together. We're not very serious people.

Do selfies or Friday Hugs. Let people know that they're doing a great job and are awesome. Make friends.

Remote workshops

If you're hosting a remote workshop finding a place to focus can be a challenge for attendees who are participating from home. Explain to attendees and coaches that it is important they find a quiet place free from distractions as much as possible during the workshop. This will ensure your attendees get the most out of the experience. You may also want to advise attendees that using two screens would be beneficial where possible. This means that they can have the tutorial on one screen and their code on the other screen, so they do not have to switch back and forth.

Code of Conduct

Each event has to follow and enforce our Code of Conduct. The CoC is a set of rules that aim to provide an inclusive environment for people of different genders, colors, religion or any other protected characteristic.

Unacceptable behavior from any community member, including sponsors and those with decision-making authority, should not be tolerated.

You, as an organizer, have the right to take any action you deem appropriate, including a warning, temporary ban or permanent expulsion from the community.

If an incident happens, we kindly ask you to send a report to the Django Code of Conduct Committee. They will be able to help you and will keep track of the incident.

To help you deal with Code of Conduct and incidents that could happen during your event, we strongly invite you to read the Code of Conduct Handbook written by Ola Sendecka and Ola Sitarska. You can also watch Stress Testing Your Code of Conduct in Production, a talk made by Ola Sendecka and Baptiste Mispelon at DjangoCon US 2016.


When communicating as a Django Girls' organizer, we ask you to not use "hey guys!" as a greeting. It might be considered as gender neutral by some, but it's not the case everywhere. We want our organization to be as inclusive as possible so, instead, you can use:

  • "Hi everyone!"
  • "Hey folks!"
  • "Dear attendees"
  • "Y'all"
  • etc.

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