GitHub sponsorship

GitHub can sponsor one Django Girls workshop per region with a 250$ grant. If your event is the first in your region or if the previous ones didn't receive sponsoring from GitHub, you can apply.

Before applying, your event's website needs to be ready. When it's the case: go to the sponsorships requests' page, read the instructions and fill the form.

We send sponsorship requests once every two weeks to GitHub. Applications must be sent two months before the date of your wokshop to be considered. They will review your request and contact you with an answer. If their answer is positive, they will give you more instructions about how to receive the money.

Help on filling Github documents

The Django Girls Support Team won't be able to review your documents in details but we can give you a few advice on how to fill them:

  • Wire or ACH forms: always check if you have filled the document and saved it. Try to send it to someone else or open it on another computer before uploading it. Don't change the field sizes: Github's accountants need the original form they gave us. If you need to add more information, use the "Additional Routing Instructions" field.
  • Invoice: Don't forget to edit every words between curly brackets, including the ones in the table. If you don't have a tax number, remove this field. If you don't know how to create an invoice number use: month-year-DG.

Always double check those documents: even one error means that you will have to wait longer before receiving your grant.

Request another sponsorship from GitHub:

You won't be able to apply for a second grant except if your event is happening in a country where it's difficult to find sponsors.

To apply again:

  • Prepare a letter explaining why you need another grant
  • ensure your documents match the name of your approved workshop (this could be city, state or county name depending on your location), if in doubt, this should match your event email address
  • fill the form on the sponsorships requests' page

This second application will be reviewed by GitHub and they will contact you with the results.

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